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Five fantastic resources for UK freelancers

Free Resources for FreelancersBelieve it or not, this isn’t the only site which offers excellent freelancing advice ;-) . Here’s my round-up of five of the best freelancing resources on the web at the moment.

IPSE: The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed

If you want to feel like you’re not alone in your freelance venture, the IPSE website is a great place to start. They give straightforward advice about all the scary stuff like tax, insurance and contracts, as well as keeping you up to date with freelancing news and campaigning on freelancing issues.  They’re particularly relevant if you’re a contractor operating as a limited company. Some of their resources are only open to members – I was a member for a year and definitely benefited enough from the templates, discounts and advice to make it worth the annual fee. However, you can still gain plenty from IPSE without being a member, such as their comprehensive Guide to Freelancing (email sign-up required).


Crunch are online accountants who specialise in freelancers, contractors and small businesses. Alongside their services, they also have a great blog on freelancing topics and a set of excellent guides, including ‘Freelancing for beginners’.

Talented Ladies Club

A site aimed at all kinds of working mums, the Talented Ladies Club offers a wide range of excellent articles about freelancing. They cover everything from the details of invoicing to the trickier issues of confidence and work-life balance, and have fresh content throughout the week. They’re also very active (and very friendly) on Twitter!


Although their freelancing section is small, the Startups site has a wealth of information for any small business owner and is well worth a look.

Freelancers Union

Although some of their content is a little US-centric, the blog at Freelancers Union is a great read with plenty of light relief as well as practical advice.

I hope you find something that rings your bell amongst that lot.  Do let me know in the comments if you have any other great resources to share. 


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  1. Great little round-up Lyndsey, I didn’t know half of these websites even existed, which shows that I really should do more research. These are being added to my favourites as I type!! Have a great Christmas!

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